Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

Can lenders view my credit file?

ADS does not access your credit file when you submit a loan scenario or engage with the platform. Generally, lenders will need consent from individuals to access their credit report externally.

What information is visible to lenders?

The only information that is visible to lenders is your loan scenario information (how much is needed, type of loan, description, location) as well as your contact details.

I didn’t find a solution for my loan scenario that I posted. What should I do?

If you have not found a solution for your loan scenario, you can edit the scenario and either add further information or rewrite the current information to increase your chance at getting more responses which results in the possibility of finding a solution. If you edit the loan scenario, it will be reposted and automatically updated which means it will be the most recent loan scenario posted on the platform.

What lenders and brokers do you have on your platform?

We have a number of non-bank, bank and brokers registered on our platform looking for an efficient way to connect with prospective customers. You can view our lenders through the “Search Finance” page on our website.

What does 'ADS Verified' mean?

Finance providers with the tag 'ADS Verified' have completed our enhanced vetting and review process to confirm their authenticity as lenders or brokers. This involves providing us with additional due diligence information about their business which we review and decide whether we would like to approve them or not. These users also agree to our Upgraded Users Terms and Condition.

What does 'Sponsored' mean?

The 'Sponsored' tag means that this finance provider is paying ADS a fee to rank-up on searches. Appearing first increases their chances of being contacted first by borrowers and brokers looking for finance.

Messaging system

I am a lender, why can’t I message any borrowers/brokers in regards to their loan scenario?

Once you have registered as a User (lender or broker) on our platform, the ADS team will review and verify your account in order to maintain the quality of the platform and avoid any spam. This process can take up to 24 hours and while your profile is under review, you can only view the loan scenarios, but not contact any borrowers/brokers directly.

Once your account has been verified, you will receive an email notifying you, and from there you will be able to message borrowers/brokers.

I am a lender, how do I message borrowers/brokers?

If you see a loan scenario that you are interested in, once verified, message the borrowers/brokers directly through our platform in order to further discuss the loan scenario. You will receive emails notifying you when the borrower/broker has replied to your message, which then you will log into the platform and continue the conversation.

My account

Why should I upload a product sheet?

By uploading a product sheet to your lender profile on our platform, borrowers/brokers are able to see a summary of your company and products to give them more information. It is also free advertising for your company and can bring more traffic to your business.

How can I add a colleague to my User profile?

To add another user to your profile account, log onto your dashboard. Click on ‘Manage Users’ in the menu and from there you will be directed into adding additional people to your profile. This tool allows you to have multiple people within the same company under one account.

Do I have to register to connect with borrowers/brokers?

YES! In order to message borrowers/brokers in regards to their loan scenarios that are posted, you need to register on our platform as a lender or broker.

What do I do if there is a technical issue with the platform?

If you have come across a technical issue with the platform, please contact us via email: or call us +61 2 9056 8281 so we can fix the issue immediately.

I would like to leave some feedback regarding my experience with the platform. Where can I do so?

Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback, it is greatly appreciated. We rely on user feedback to ensure your experience with the platform is excellent in order to make improvements where needed. If you wish to leave detailed feedback, please send us an email:

I wish to close my account. How do I do so?

We are sorry to see you go! You can close your account anytime through your User Portal when you are logged in.

Are all my loan scenarios under the same account?

All the loan scenarios that you have posted to our platform are under the same account. The email you use the first time to post a loan scenario, will be the same for all loan scenarios to ensure they are all under the same account. This email address is your username and will give you access to your dashboard on our platform.

Posting a loan

How can I post a loan scenario?

Fill out the form on our website where you will be able to post a loan scenario to our platform here: You need to outline how much is needed, the type of loan and a description which will then be available to our entire distribution of lenders and brokers to view. If these lenders or brokers on our platform can assist you with your loan scenario, they will message you directly to help with a solution through our platform.

I received an email about a request for more information about my loan. Why?

We send you an email to request more information about the loan scenario you posted on our platform. For more suitable responses from multiple lenders or brokers, please reply to this email with some additional information about your loan scenario, which will save time eliminating back and forth messaging between both parties. Any information provided here will automatically be added to this loan scenario and is ONLY available for our registered users to view.

Can I edit my loan scenario after posting?

In order to edit your loan scenario after posting on the platform, you will need to log into your dashboard and where it says “Tracking your loans” you will be able to see all the loan scenarios you have submitted. The loan you wish to edit, click view details, and from there you will be able to edit the scenario.

Why can’t I see my loan scenario on the platform?

If you have submitted your loan within the past hour, there may be a delay in seeing your loan on the ADS Platform as our system updates.

Communicating on our platform

Who can I contact on this platform?

Non-banks, brokers, banks. You can select who you wish to be contacted by!

How do I get contacted by non-banks, brokers or banks?

They will contact you via our platform in the messaging system. Once you get a message, you will receive an email notifying that you have received a new message.

How do I message?

To reply to any message, please log into your dashboard, click messages and reply through the messaging system or alternatively just reply to the email - it will automatically be stored into the messaging system.

Why haven’t I received any messages from finance providers?

Not all loan scenarios can be financed. Try editing your loan scenario to provide further information including collateral and income evidence.

How can I ensure my loan scenario receives many responses?

Generally, non-banks, brokers or banks are looking for loan scenarios that are well presented and by uploading as much information as possible about the loan scenario and specifying the details, it has a better chance at getting more responses.

How can I see if anyone has viewed my loan scenario?

On your dashboard in our platform, if you view the loan scenario, on the right handside you will be able to view statistics regarding that particular loan scenario. You will be able to see how many people viewed the scenario, when was the last time the loan was viewed etc.

How do I know if my loan scenario is activated and visible?

After you post your loan scenario to our platform, you will receive a confirmation email which will explain that your loan scenario has been reviewed and approved and is now available for users to view and contact you directly.

Why haven’t I been contacted by anyone? It has been 24 hours!

If you have not received any messages from any lenders or brokers and your loan scenario has been posted for 24 hours there are many reasons as to why this is happening. Some loan scenarios are more difficult than others, and take longer to respond to, meaning it may take longer than 24 hours for a lender to message you. The “24 hours” time frame generally excludes weekends and public holidays as we cannot confirm that users will be active on the platform during those times.

What is the rate of being contacted, and how do I increase my chances of being contacted?

Generally, the rate of being contacted is within 24 hours, however it depends on the type of loan scenario as some loan scenarios are more difficult than others and require more attention. In order to increase your chances of being contacted by multiple lenders or brokers, include as much information as you can about your loan.

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