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ADS Broker Platform

An intelligent lead generation and finance distribution tool designed exclusively for brokers in the lending market.

ADS Broker Platform

How can we help you and your clients?


Connect with more borrowers

  • Efficiently connect with borrowers online.
  • Message loans which are near you and you can add value on.
  • Easy system to connect and sell your services.
ADS.finance is a platform to connect brokers with borrowers
Private lending market on one site


Lending market on one site

  • Thousands of bank and non-bank lenders on the platform.
  • Connect with new relationships and grow your finance product offering.
  • Obtain indicative loan terms directly from lenders online.
Private lending market on one site


Competitive interest rates

  • More lender options and distribution to new innovative lending products.
  • Choice and competition with multiple lenders.
Competitive interest rates
Helpline & dedicated support


Monetise more loans

  • Post loan scenarios in your dedicated broker portal.
  • Get contacted directly by lenders.
  • Easy system to track loan submissions.
Helpline & dedicated support


Collaboration, Reviews and Complaints

  • Collective knowledge on lender experiences to identify the best and most reliable lenders in the market as well as a central place to lodge complaints about lender actions.
Lender collaborations

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